Undoing the Theft of Palestine


.As the history of Israel in Palestine has demonstrated, what has once been done, may not be undone. From the very fraudulent creation of Israel by alleging “a land without people, for a people without land”, to piece meal usurpation of more and more Palestinian lands through settlements created on land acquired during military occupation and war, the reality is becoming irreversible. As David Ben Gurion had shrewdly prognosticated: “What is inconceivable in normal times is possible in revolutionary times”, Israel has deviously sown these irreversible seeds in small incremental steps during moments of tension and “revolutionary times”. The peace makers in the world who beseech Israel to come to the negotiating table do not seem to comprehend this reality: the Machiavellian tactics of take a little bit more, return a small portion of that to appease, then take some more, and repeat; the “taking some more” always occurring during “revolutionary times”. The only way for Israel to be brought to the negotiating table in earnest peace is when the Zionists have taken all the useful land they want, then they will throw back all the useless land they took just for this purpose – as they did with the return of the Sinai to an eternally grateful Egypt that now bows in subservience for this gift. This is the fate of Palestine. --- Chapter: 10 Conclusion Prisoners of the Cave
. We hear about the “Palestinian state” and the “peace process” a lot. Can anyone draw for me what the Palestinian state looks like? Can you then spell Swiss cheese? Would you accept such a Swiss cheese as your country with no rights to air, sea, or a proper military for self-defense, with your economy entirely subservient to the larger nuclear armed neighbor’s who controls all the ingress and egress into your country at all the borders with military checkpoints, and who not only has you completely surrounded by a fourteen foot high wall, but also controls transitions from one Swiss hole to another? Before anyone utters another word about the “Palestinian state”, please think if you would accept such a state. If not, why would you compel a poor defenseless and beleaguered peoples of over fifty years under miserable military occupation to accept it on a Buntustan’d piece of their own continuously inhabited ancestral lands at the hands of American and European Jews who weren’t even born there? But wait another 50 years and they will all be born there. That is the Israeli plan! --- Chapter 3: Is Democracy Inimical To Empire Building? Prisoners of the Cave
In order to systematically drive home this Machiavellian fate of irreversible faits accomplis, many a Zionist incantation of specious dialogues is routinely introduced into the Israel-Palestine discourse for “beneficial cognitive diversity”. Its purpose is to defocus attention from the one core-issue of the cold-blooded calculated theft of Palestine by the fiat of imperial power that was subsequently legitimized by the fiat of superpower. Some major brand names of the proverbial dissent-space are enlisted for this purpose. And it is their task to continually spin, with a straight and moral face, often with an expression of deep anguish:

.The Palestinian people at ground zero obviously remain the principal core-obstacle for Israel in its aspirations for Zionistan – not the institutions of PLO, not Hamas, not Hezbollah (nor Iran, nor Syria, nor the so called Arab World, nor the American people, and certainly not the Palestinians already evicted from ground zero). This is simply a statement of empirical fact. Therefore, it is primarily the ordinary Palestinian masses on ground zero who have to be vicariously fooled and cajoled with successive 'hegelian mind fcks', kept on a treadmill in their active resistance, and ultimately brought to their knees from sheer exhaustion, euthanized, assassinated, eradicated, evicted, or forced to leave on their own. Let's not forget that the one inviolable principal modus operandi in the conquest of Zionistan throughout the past 100 years of systematic Palestinian dispossession from Palestine and concomitant Jewish injection into Eretz Yisrael, is entirely captured in this one pithy David Ben Gurion's statement: “We must do everything to insure they (the Palestinians) never do return ... The old will die and the young will forget.” --- Overcoming the Palestinian House of Negroe with 'Mens et Manus' – A Postscript
.Unless the younger Palestinian generation today, far more astute and well-read in Machiavellian statecraft than their predecessors, far more aware of the puppetmasters who rule through errand boys than their parents, are urgently permitted the opportunity to replace the existing vanguards in the Palestinian society, both at ground zero in Palestine as well as in their Diaspora, all we will continue to see are the wise fools shaking hands in peace processes to win Nobel Prizes. Since Nobels are unfortunately reserved for very fundamental faux pas and awarded mainly to those with signature authority to legalize the theft of Palestine, we will lamentably continue to see lesser fools continually singing the UN resolution songs, partaking in UN development platitudes, and airing their house negroes' corruption scandals before the very same UN which gave the requisite 'legal cover' in the most dubious of circumstances to create their misery in the first place! --- Open Letter to Palestinian Intellectual

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